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Your Experian Bank Bureau personal credit report captures your consumer credit information provided by our members. It is important for you to check if your personal credit report regularly to ensure that the information reported is current and accurate.

Your personal credit report includes the following information:-

  • Personal Information
    This section details items such as your full name (as per NRIC/other official ID), birthdate, ID no. etc. as submitted by our members.
  • Current Credit Relationship Summary
    This section contains information on your personal credit facilities with summaries of your relationship with our member banks.
  • Account Information
    This section outlines the accounts you have with our members.
  • Enquiries Summary
    This section shows how many of our members have searched your information, plus your own searches on yourself.
  • Default Accounts (if any)
    This section lists your default accounts (if any) with our members.
  • Bankruptcy Records (if any)
    This section provides your bankruptcy records (if any).
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