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How to Identify & Protect against Phone / SMS / Email / Mail / Personal Visit Scam Syndicates

Loss of identity and personal data occurs when criminals pose as trusted organizations and send out thousands of fraudulent emails or mails, make phone calls, or pay you personal visits posing as the official representatives of legitimate organisations. Such communication tools and persons frequently look authentic / genuine and they carry company logos and layouts of legitimate organizations.

Often, the purpose of such communication is to steal personal data and information. This results in individuals revealing data that compromises their personal security and privacy.

Experian Bank Bureau assures members of the public that we would not ask for your confidential or personal information via phone, emails or SMS. We only accept data from member banks.

Be wary of such attempts and protect yourself against such scams. If you are aware of any attempts from individuals posing as Experian Bank Bureau representatives, do contact us at (65) 6738 1900 from Monday to Friday (8:45am - 6:15pm) or via email bankbureau@experian.com