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1) All quoted prices are inclusive of GST.
2) The turnaround time for each DP Credit Rating Report is 5 working days upon receiving (up to) latest 3 years full set(s) of audited financial statements.
3) Payment to be completed via Visa / Mastercard via Step 3.
4) For any enquiries on your order including the expected delivery date or on the full set(s) of audited financial statements received for order preparation, please contact us at cs@experian.com.
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Note: Upon successful payment, kindly upload your company's audited financial statements once you are redirected back to this webpage to complete the order process.


  1. The rating is an opinion of the company’s capability and ability based on prevailing conditions and information made available to Experian at the time of rating.
  2. The rating is not a recommendation to buy or sell nor is it an endorsement or non-endorsement of an issue.
  3. The information received has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, but its accuracy or completeness is not guaranteed.
  4. Experian does not assume any part of the requester’s risk in the use or non-use of the rating.
  5. Experian’s ratings are subject to change due to any unforeseen and/or foreseen circumstances.