Why Use DP Credit Rating?

Credit risk assessment improves the transparency of companies by disclosing the financial information and track records of their operations. The DP Credit Rating enables lenders and businesses to better understand the credit history of their customers and make more informed actions.

From the perspective of a credit grantor / financier:

  • A diagnostic tool for financial health check on a corporate.
  • A Sales & Marketing tool for managing customers and distribution channel – e.g. segment the market, for pricing decision, to control sales costs.
  • Credit approval – approving & ascertaining the credit limit & terms to be extended.
  • Financial early warning - act as an early warning signal.

The rating provides benefits to the companies in the following ways:

  • Demonstrates the creditworthiness of companies to suppliers. This helps companies in their negotiation for credit terms.
  • Helps companies gain greater confidence from their customers.
  • Helps companies obtain funding from financial institutions with more ease, and at the same time reduce the risk premiums paid on loans.
  • Enhances corporate quality and competitiveness.
  • Provides greater transparency.
  • Enhances corporate capability and creditability.